Frank Morris(non-registered)
Fantastic images Bill!!
You have taken some awesome pictures! Keep up the good work!
Donald R.(non-registered)
I have a camera (s) too, but it all ends there. I especially loved the birds on wing as I just started that frustrating practice. You got some amazing shots and I see you are adding portrait shots of interesting people now, I cannot take photos of people, flying birds are easy in comparison.
Karen B.(non-registered)
Bill, your images are amazing and inspiring. It was a pleasure traveling in Japan with you, and I look forward to continuing to be inspired by your work!
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Thank you very much for this wonderful site. well written and informative content you have.
Tammy and J.L.(non-registered)
Amazing recent photos of Scotland and Iceland - you do excellent work and have a very good eye - thanks for sharing!
Amazing. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
Bill . Astounding . Inspiring . Thank you
Barbara and David(non-registered)
Wonderful photos bill . We met you and your son in law at lake colchuck and up aasgard pass. Was hoping to see the star photos . Or any others you took up there . What a wonderful backpack trip and time ! Lucky us. Look forward to more scenes captured . Take care
Vince Reinig(non-registered)
Bill - just getting started looking at your work - very impressive so far! Thanks for passing along the link.
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